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Jordan Holland (aka J.Alex)

Artist Development & Creative Direction, Berklee School of Music (certified)

Focus Areas:

Performance efficacy, planning & execution, artistic professionalism & regimen, stage presence



Artistic performance, strategic priorities of top-level executives, standard operations & procedures


Cincinnati, Ohio

I focus on highly motivated executives with an intentional focus on strategic priorities.

​​Welcome. I am thrilled to take you on a development journey with an artistic focus. I am equipping you with the necessary tools for the ever-changing 21st century global economy. Additionally, creating a tangible product for public consumption is our target while adding to your continued growing catalog and works.


I support lifestyle balance for overall health and employ effective communication skills combined with analytical abilities to drive solution-oriented outcomes. There is extensive focus on the efficacy of operations and procedures concerning administrative and budgetary functions specific to each project. I maintain important organizational structures and meaningful relationships while coordinating logistics for various entities within the music, entertainment, production industries. ​


It is my goal to ensure you a successful daily regimen to maintain overall balance in both health and holistic wellness.

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