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About Liberated Grounds

We are a community of creative artists providing freedom opportunities to one another.

Every quarter, we collaborate with artists around the world to create large-scale multimedia works that promote public art activism and collective work and responsibility (Ujima).

Our objective is to provide a communal/interdependent live/work space for artists to learn, train, grow, create, and develop skills to support collective work and responsibility toward liberation.

Artist-In-Residence Program

As of June 2023, we will be opening Grounds Zero as a shared artist space for our very first artist-in-residence program for LG1 - Nashville, TN. If you are interested in being a part of this program, please fill out the application below. You will have one month to create an exhibition/project that will tour in our sister locations over the course of the next year (Nashville, Kansas City, Memphis, Atlanta, and Chicago). There will also be a $500 stipend granted to you to support your creative works and any overhead costs you may incur. The space will be given to you free-of-charge and you may use at your convenience. It is our goal to share our space with you so you may create in a beautiful environment, free from the restrictions and pressures of everyday life. This is freedom. This is liberation. We are creating forward. Peace

Application Link:

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