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Application: Artist-In-Residence at Liberated Grounds

We are the table. Join us as we provide freedom opportunities to one another.

The goal is grand - we know. But that doesn’t keep us from biting off what we can chew right now that will support freedom opportunities that speak to our liberation. Liberated Grounds will be building single family style live/work spaces that uses renewable energy and low energy use solutions.

The vision is an open concept space to include 2 bedrooms, one main bedroom and one additional bedroom for guest or children, one community space with a kitchenette, sun room, media room and studio space for you to create. There will be plenty of lighting (indoor and outdoor) as well as a private garden/green space. We have worked with the National Organization of Minority Architects to identify BIPOC architect Joseph Cole who is working on what we’ve been calling “The Prototype”.

This is our very first time sharing the buildout with our community. Woke and M E have been working on this build for over a year now and have shared this vision with founders and charter members. We now invite you to take the next step with us. Why wait until the live/work space is complete before we invite artists to create freedom opportunities for ourselves and one another?! As of June 2023, we will be opening Grounds Zero as a shared artist space for our very first artist-in-residence program for LG1 - Nashville, TN. If you are interested in being a part of this program, please fill out the application below. You will have one month to create an exhibition/project that will tour in our sister locations over the course of the next year (Nashville, Kansas City, Memphis, Atlanta, and Chicago). There will also be a $500 stipend granted to you to support your creative works and any overhead costs you may incur. The space will be given to you free-of-charge and you may use at your convenience. It is our goal to share our space with you so you may create in a beautiful environment, free from the restrictions and pressures of everyday life. This is freedom. This is liberation. We are creating forward. Peace

(Please note that priority consideration will be given to artists who live in the 37208, 37218, and 37207 zip codes.)

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