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We are The Table.

Welcome to
our future

Liberated Grounds is dedicated to telling our own stories rooted in our liberation. Currently, we are exploring and highlighting Past, Present, and Afrofuturism, a black spiritual fantasy story and art exhibit by XPayne. We are growing to become both a physical and virtual space. 

We are a virtual community

for your liberation journey!

The above video speaks to the possibilities of VR and black storytelling in the Metaverse Our goal is to expand all possibilities of what the future holds.

We are imaging a new, thriving world. (We do not own the rights to the video. Learn more)


Are you a creative mastermind

on your liberation journey?

We want to invite you to have A Seat at The Table.


Liberated Grounds focuses on the whole person. We offer limitless gateways, networks, and freedom opportunities to support you on your liberation journey.


Connect TODAY with an LG Guru to get one-on-one coaching to expand your horizons as a creative, artist, young entrepreneur, and community member.


Learn more about XPayne and his body of work here 
& check out this article by The Manual

Meet XPayne

As I focus on the Black experience, I find inspiration in mixing fantasy storytelling with an African spiritual system that is known to some and obscure to others in American culture. My intention with these works is to construct a story inspired by this system that could expand the viewer‘s idea of what is possible. 


"Afrofuturism is ultimately about 
accepting and adapting to change."


Get into the 

LG Vibes

by @RetroHuey

We are curating vibes especially for you on your liberation journey.

Enjoy the vibes. Stay update for in-person engagement events near you


What's Happening at LG?

Liberated Grounds is focused on problem solving and creating freedom opportunities.


We are telling BIPOC stories, strengthening marketing efforts, and expanding audience reach.

Liberation is a mindset shift. We are creating limitless gateways to ensure our success and legacy building.

Cultural Exchange

We are engaging with new communities. We create hands-on Learning Galleries with museums and venues. 

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