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Essence (aka Kenya)

Lead Strategist, Harvard Extension School

Focus Areas:

Strategic Management, Negotiations, Digital Marketing, Venture Capital, Creative Innovations



Psychographics: motivators, behaviors, attitudes, 

Fundraising, Development, Board Governance


Nashville, TN

Peace. We are creating forward.

My practice is self-embodiment. My philosophy and approach are performance-centered. I seek to catalyze creativity and growth and innovation by employing effective solutions for the community being served - in a timely manner. As a strategist, I've had the opportunity to mix my passions of community engagement, development, and global sustainability over the course of a decade of working with philanthropic organizations, startups, and creative masterminds.


My vision forward is rooted in fostering new relationships with an equitable lens while deepening existing relationships. I am a dynamic multidisciplinary visionary with a mission-driven mindset and proven competences in strategic management, audience development, fundraising, culture shifts, administration, leadership, board governance, management, logistics, marketing and products and services development.


I excel in creating and sustaining professional interpersonal environments that produce
measurable results for organizations; generating revenue escalation and reducing overall costs
through contemporary concepts, advanced methods, and innovative systems.


It is well here.  Peace.

Head of Ecosystem, Liberated Grounds

Chief Visionary, OUI Enterprises

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