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Welcome to Liberated Grounds.

Welcome to our future

We are stepping into the Metaverse. Liberation is everywhere. Join us as we embark upon a journey to engage directly with YOU from ANYWHERE. Virtual reality allows us to connect even when we are miles a part. We are building and expanding our reach to create community where ever you may be.

The above video speaks to the possibilities of VR and black storytelling in the Metaverse Our goal is to expand all possibilities of what the future holds. We are imaging a new, thriving world. 

(We do not own the rights to the video) 

Are you a creative mastermind

Lifestyle Development Limitless Gateways

on your liberation journey?

We want to invite you to have A Seat at The Table.
Liberated Grounds focuses on the whole person. We offer limitless gateways, networks, and freedom opportunities to support you on your liberation journey. 
Connect TODAY with an LG Guru to get one-on-one coaching to expand your horizons as a creative, artist, young entrepreneur, and community member.


Learn more about Newleemade, writers BLOCK and his their of work & check out this article by Canvas Rebel

Meet Newlee

Representing 1/3 of Writers’ Block - @newleemade is a spoken word artist, photographer, and father and husband to a beautiful daughter and wife @karimahariel. Newlee performed at The Mayoral Inauguration with Liberated Grounds to showcase the beauty and diversity of art that represents Nashville and our nation. Newleemade is the Representative for the Nashville Chapter of Liberated Grounds.


Get into the


by @RetroHuey

We are curating vibes especially for you on your liberation journey.

Enjoy the vibes. Stay update for in-person engagement events near you



What's Happening at LG?

Liberated Grounds is focused on problem solving and creating freedom opportunities.

We are telling BIPOC stories, strengthening marketing efforts, and expanding audience reach.

Liberation is a mindset shift. We are creating limitless gateways to ensure our success and legacy building.

We are engaging with new communities. We create hands-on Learning Galleries with museums and venues. 

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